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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

12-Week Challenge DAY 41

I know I put it on this blog in one of the first posts -- that I'm an Elementary School Lunch Lady!  I am celebrating my 9th year with Fairfax County Public Schools.  People often ask me why, and I say "Well, it started out to provide health insurance for my family, since my husband has been self-employed for many years.  But it's grown into a really great way to spend 3.5 hours per day.  I'd be at home working/sitting at my computer, and this way, I'm on my feet getting great exercise, having a very fun time with both my co-workers and the children.  It's a great free lunch/salad every day. Yes, it's stressful, but it's also delightful.  I manage the rest of my day better, There's plenty of time off every day, and throughout the year.  Give me another five years, and there will be a little retirement too.  My uniform is as comfy as pajamas, it's 3 minutes from my house, and I love it!"

Yesterday our supervisor was there when I lifted a crate of milk (it holds 50 cartons) to move it from one cooler to another.  He kind of stared and said, "Did you really just lift that  like it was nothing?   Wow."  I just laughed, but apparently he brought it up again to my darling manager who said, "Well, truth is -- Carolyn's the oldest one here -- but she's the strongest and most fit."

Who would have thought?  I love it that that is how they perceive me.  I'm not going to let that change!  Body For Life has definitely upped my fitness level and strength, and with every passing day, I'm feeling the benefits. 

We took Cooper, and our other son and his wife to their all-time favorite steak house tonight for a last farewell dinner.  Mike's is the-the-THE place in our area for glorious food, service, atmosphere, etc.  I've never been a steak person ... and tonight was no different.  I always order this fabulous portabello mushroom entrée that, in my mind, is better than steak, and covered with roasted veggies.  YUM!

But tonight, I could only eat a small portion, and brought the rest home.  The company was by far the best part of the meal, and I'll make at least 2 meals out of that yummy vegetarian entre.  It's fun to leave a restaurant not stuffed and uncomfortable.

I wore my skinnier black pants, and we had such a great time -- I love how the Fat Burners make my skin look better ... or maybe it's the extra water or both.

BODY FOR LIFE!  So worth the exercise and effort.

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