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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

12-Week Challenge DAYS 53-55

I am not sure at all where the days go, but fly-they do!

My last entry, we were just getting ready to head off for our little get-away.  Our son Spencer and his wife had given us a gift-card for a Marriott weekend that we finally had a chance to use!  Soooo fun. Swimming is one of our great treats, so we made sure we stayed at one with a pool

Guess what -- my old swimsuit, which had seen happier days to begin with, has gotten TOO BIG. Especially up top. This is NOT sad news by any account, and we stopped at the mall for a little shopping before departing.  I actually bought a cute swimsuit.  I'm determined to buy a smaller one before the season really starts, but this was a great "in-betweener" and I could really see my progress since starting the challenge.  YAY.

It was easy to make pretty smart food choices -- although spreading it out into 6 little meals was not that easy, and I let it go, concentrating on the regular choices in the Body For Life program on Saturday, with Sunday being a Free Day.  I also exercised on Saturday morning before leavings, so that Sunday could be my free day.

I didn't go crazy, but still treated it as a free day, and ate more than I usually do. We found a lovely little "Country-Cookin" place that had an "order-the-meat-and-get the salad-bar-free."  It was all kinds of healthy stuff, so I ordered the grilled shrimp and had my own party.  No dessert other than a sugar-free vanilla pudding with some fruit, and a very tiny taste of some overly-sweet chocolate concoction that almost hurt my teeth.  That taste is quickly proving that I just cannot do it as I used to ...

As I say, I did eat more than I'm used to at this point, and left (for the first time in many months) overly full.

For many years, I ALWAYS left a restaurant overly full, and after that last meal, I've decided I like that a whole lot better.  That several hours of feeling uncomfortable, and the scale being higher for several days after is NOT worth the moments of pleasure. At least for me.

The real point of it is, is that food and eating out is not a "be-all-end-all-you-gotta-eat-till-you-pop" kind of experience for me anymore.  It's just a nice thing to do -- and moderate amounts and no dessert can still be a LOT of fun!

We saw a huge range of people at the restaurants we ate at, and it's always fun to choose who I want to look like and be perceived as.  They're NOT the ones with the overly full plates, wearing over-sized clothes. Uh-uh.  Although they are perfectly lovely and wonderful and dear, and I'm not judging them or their character. I just want to be perceived as a healthy-sized, healthy-eating person.

The big article at Meridian today was an author that I have not seen before, Jane Birch.  Her article, "Discovering the Word of Wisdom, Discovering Joy" was excellent, and I'm looking forward to writing a follow-up on it in the next little bit. How blessed we are to have it!

We have been very busy with the "Spring Clean" days and the sale for, and it is also Spring Break from school.  I feel like I should be getting more done with my days, but it's all good.

The best thing -- is that the exercising and the small meals is becoming a very livable habit.  Whether I have a lot of time , or not.  I don't see too much changing when I end the challenge, other than documenting my progress, and starting a new one.

I have figured out, though that I'll be wrapping up Challenge # 1, all 12 weeks, right around my 60th Birthday.  I'm going to be as (or MORE) healthy and strong than I have ever been in my life, and I can't think of a better 60th birthday present!

The lilacs are progressing... and so am I.  No turning back!  Feeling mighty fine!

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