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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

12-Week Challenge DAY 49

Oh, for a good LAUGH! Don't we all need MORE of them?!


I don't know that veggies meant much to me as a kid, but as an adult, they really ring my chimes ... I just can't get enough of them.  I always love a big salad, but TRULY LOVE them steamed, not too done with my kitchen hero: a veggie steamer!  I bought it for $5 at  my favorite thrift store.  I had never had much success with the one that works in the bottom of the pan ... you know the little collapsible stainless steel thing. 

But a TRUE STEAMER like the one below is a blast!

I use it constantly.  For some reason, everything tastes better, sweeter, crisp yet tender ... much less likely to get soggy/over-cooked.  More flavor -- often they don't need a THING to taste just fabulous.
Last night I finely sliced some cabbage, steamed them, and they made the perfect "noodles" for a veggie chow mein.  Delicious. In fact, I don't see why we can't use finely sliced cabbage as the perfect replacement for really any noodles????  They're so handy to cook in this, that you could really do the pasta for the rest of the family on the stove, and then this for us???

It's food (literally!) for thought, and to enjoy with 0 calories and lots of nutrients.

Body for Life is the real deal.  I called their 800 number with a workout question, and by golly if there wasn't someone there to chat with me on the phone (no hold) friendly, informed and interested in ME and how the challenge was going. 

Body for LIFE.  Cabbage "noodles" --  Broccoli "dogs" .... happy times!


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