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Monday, April 21, 2014

12-Week Challenge DAYS 59-61

I just love this photo (found on FB today) ... It says it all!  And I DO feel that I have changed between the time I started this blog last October, and now.  It's quite remarkable, but for me,
with a couple of weeks "off" when we had so much family activity and I was less able to follow things, my official finishing date is the day before my 60th Birthday:  May 15, 2014.  I can't think of a more remarkable change to have made for myself.  Free of sugar, and diligently following a healthy eating and exercise plan for 12 weeks without "starting over."  With a plan and a personal commitment to just jump right in again the day after my birthday.

Let's see -- I think it's taken my whole life to feel as confident as I do now.  And  that this is truly permanent, with a vision of both how I will feel, choose and look as I enter my sixties, and beyond.

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Pennyslvania Dutch Country -- an Easter tradition for many, many years for our family.  The food served there is legendary.  But there are just as many lovely fresh veggies and lean meats to choose from as anything else, so that's what I did.  I had tastes of a few other things, but we just passed up the whoopee pies, donuts, cupcakes, and the dessert bars, along with the cookies that used to be the highlight of our trip to the Farmer's Market.  We came home with pickled beets, sugar-free apple butter, and a whole lot of really fun memories. 

We had such a good time.  Just me and Bob, sitting on a vista viewing the farm land and reading out loud on Easter Sunday from Darla Isackson's beautiful Easter Meridian article.   Bob always checks out some gorgeous illustrated children's holiday books from the library to enjoy.  We attended the Ephrata Ward, lovely people.  And drove and drove through the country side. 

Our long traditional walk on Easter morning through the Amish village of Bird-In-Hand was close to the farm house where Amish were gathering for Church, so many of them were walking and we all wished each other "Happy Easter!"

He is Risen!  He is Risen, indeed.

There are so many lovely things to live for.  It feels delicious to have food in its proper place.

They called me in to work an hour early this morning.  It took my workout time, and, sadly, I didn't get to it when I got home.  I missed it, and am ready to FOCUS and NOT MISS ONE MORE WEEKDAY WORKOUT until my Birthday, on May 15!

I am down one more pound -- but also learned (Bob had a doctor visit where he was weighed) that our scale is 2 pounds. light.  Does it matter? No.  What matters is the overall progress, the focus, the freedom.

Yes, sir! Luvin' it --

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