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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

12-Week Challenge Days 43-48

Wow -- I don't know how 5 days crept by so quickly since posting, but they surely have.  It's been a very busy several days with Meridian responsibilities and managing our business.


What HASN'T gone by the way-side is sticking to the eating and exercise plan.  Boy, can I tell a difference.  On Sunday I wore a sweater that I don't even know why I bought it a year ago ... other than it was so cute at such a great price.  It surely didn't fit or go with anything.  But the 6 pounds gone and toning I have done is starting to really show.

I'm WELL aware that many are saying 6 pounds?  Oh, come on.  How could it make a difference? But you have to remember how very short I am (barely 4' 11") with a very medium bone frame.  No tiny Asian here to go with the very short height.  Throughout my entire life, 5 pounds is a full-size, and sometimes more.

Too, when you compare fat to muscle, there's a big difference!  In fact, as I am posting this photo, no WONDER my clothing is fitting so differently:  Above is 5 pounds of fat compared to 5 pounds of musle. ....

For General Conference weekend, we stayed very close to home to listen to the broadcasts.  On Saturday evening, I treated a friend to Subway -- how I love MUSTARD on everything these days.  I don't know why.  I just can't get enough of it!  It's easy for a sandwich to be a "mini-meal" by just not eating all the bread and adding a whole lot of veggies.  No Mayo is No big deal.

Our traditional Sunday General Conference feast was better than ever. For many years we have 3 friends who are more "family than family" -- Kathy, Kim and Maggie.  I fixed chicken cacciatore in the crock pot.  Always a favorite with lean chicken breasts, and lots of tomatoes and onions.  Kim,  who brings her delicious oatmeal "Conference" bread was not able to come -- the first time in at least 15 years, so no bread.  So Kathy brought some delicious Artisan bread instead that we enjoyed ... but a little went a long ways.

Beautiful Maggie (she's our accountant and our joke is that she knows more about us than God since she's been managing our businesses for going on 24 years ...) well she brought home cooked BEETS with a spice to them ... that was simply divine.  Oh, my. Oh, my. I could have made a meal of just that!  She did bring a butter sauce to go with them, and it too was delicious. A little went a long way, however, because the beets themselves were such a TREAT.

She also fixed a luscious green salad.

The fun thing about Maggie is that she is doing our challenge too, and her 5 pounds are REALLY showing as well! Her doctor is raving about the progress on her cholesterol levels (she's drinking the tea) telling her "whatever it is, just keep doing it!  This is fantastic!"

The dessert -- which has always been a pot luck of pie, ice cream, cookies, etc. had done a major overhaul.  Last October, half of us had abandoned sugar, so this time dear Kathy brought a luxury bowl of fruit with fresh pineapple and fresh BLUEBERRIES.

Does it get any better?  To feast on these luscious fruits and veggies, and the messages of conference and DEAR FRIENDS all in the same 4-6 hours?  Love it, love it.

Always so sad when it is over.

But -- I am looking forward to 6 months from now!  I have so much to show since October conference 6 months ago, and in the next 6 months I'll be able to say I've been sugar free for ONE YEAR!

My plan is to keep on exercising and eating right, simply as a matter of principle, to build strength and we'll see how the inches and pounds do as a secondary blessing.

I will NOT let this many days go again before blogging. Whether anybody reads these messages are not, it feels WONDEFUL to be honest and square with myself and the Lord on how I am taking care of myself -- I will NOT let it become an obsession or form of distraction, but will keep it in place as a means of serving my FAMILY and extending the precious hours of each day, week and month with health and energy.


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