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Saturday, April 12, 2014

12-Week Challenge Days 50-52

Just a shortie today as we prepare to leave for a little Spring get-away.  Guess what?  I'm gonna wear my skinny jeans and feel terrific.  (Not the #1 skinny jeans, but I'm getting closer!  These are the #2 skinny jeans that are getting baggy ....)

I had a fantasy yesterday ... that my doctor's appointment coming up in November, where we've agreed to test my osteoporosis again, is me looking like one of the before and after Body For Life stories and my doctor saying.  "Wow!  What did you do?"

And I'll say:  "Well, when you agreed that weight training and lifting was going to be great for my osteoporosis and overall health, I took you seriously.  And this is what happened."

Then her running the tests and calling back and saying.  "Just keep it up! What you are doing is helping!  The bone density and your management are extremely positive, and this is just excellent."

What do you think?

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