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Friday, January 31, 2014

So Excited --- FRAX: A Better Test for Osteperosis than the Scan?

In studying my Building Bone Vitality book, the author states that the Bone Marrow Density testing is second rate.  "BMD is only one determinant of bone strength.  Many other factors that contribute to bone strength are not captured by BMD .  Recent datea suggest that falls are a stronger predictor of fractures than BMD. A test called "FRAX is just beginning to be adopted ... FRAX stands for Fracture Risk Assessment.  And it estimates the likelihood of suffering a fracture in the next 10 years.  It does include a bone marrow density test, but it also includes other risk factors including age, gender, height, weight, personal and family history of fractures, smoking and alcohol.

From "Building Bone Vitality" page 107-108.

That is so encouraging!!!  I just googled FRAX, and came up with a website:

It looks like a very cool assessment that can be done right there at the site????

I am going to spend more time with this over the weekend ...
in the meantime.

BODY FOR LIFE strength training and eating plan.  More on that tomorrow.  But I'm super excited about getting stronger for life.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 26, 2014: The Precious Present

It's exactly one month since Mom had her fall.  I was on the phone at midnight chatting with Kelly about her Christmas, and I heard mom come tap-tap-tapping with her cane to the bathroom. Then all of a sudden, a crash.  I threw down the phone, and ran the 10 or 12 feet around the corner to see her on the floor. "My shoulder" ... and it was indeed broken.  Long story short -- 2 days in the hospital, 5 days in rehab and now home.  Physical therapists were absolutely fabulous, but in the process of working so hard, she has prayerfully decided to "let nature take its course."  She is now completely bed-ridden, and can only walk (to the bathroom, of course) with assistance. 

The greatest fear and dread of her life has come to pass, and she has come to terms with the humbling of it all MAGNIFICENTLY. 

All of that aside, we've made the adjustment and life is simpler, slower and it's time to get into my routines again.  I'm more determined than ever to remain sugar-free, and to focus on the strength training and better nutrition to ward off my own osteoporosis the best that I can.

There's a lightening in my heart and spirit today with the renewed commitment and focus.  After a month off of my little day job that I enjoy so much to take care of Mom, I go back on Monday, back to my good friends there, and the schedule that helps me center my days.

We went to the Olive Garden tonight with Spencer & Cydney (my son and his wife).  I've learned to just eat the lightest vegetable soup there, along with the salad, and perhaps some of an appetizer.  The best deal was to have an entrĂ©e too, but I just had them wrap that up from the get go, and we'll share it tomorrow, along with a big salad.  It was easy to pass up the breadsticks ... for me they have an off-ish taste there anyway.  Don't ask me why.

Best of all, those little mint guys came out -- the chocolate andes ones, and there were even 2 for each of us.  No biggie .... the others ate their's and the remaining 2 on the table (mine) he had me put in my purse to take home to Mom.

In the old days there wouldn't have been 2 left on the table, and any extras would have been eaten long before we got home.

How good it feels ....

I'm truly excited and feel so hopeful about committing myself to writing on the blog.  It was a joy in October, and I'm sure it will continue.  If it blesses others, then that's lovely.  But this year and the health I establish is for ME, and for my FUTURE ... for my KIDS and for BOB and for anyone who may need to care for me in later years.  I want them each to know I was responsible and invested in my health, and took action for as long as I possibly could.

My mom has been fiercely independent, and there is much to learn from her ... and much to set in place for my own later years within the boundaries that are possible.