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Thursday, May 1, 2014

12 Week Challenge DAYS 65-72

It's hard to believe (and I sure don't know where this week went), but I'm only 2 weeks away from finishing my 12 week challenge.

Although I haven't written in this blog as often as I intended, or followed the B4L program every day 100%, I am SO excited about my progress.  I can happily say that I've followed it over-all at least 90%, maybe even 95%.  Do I look like the before and after photos in the book?  No, but there's a definite improvement and I'm ready to take on the next challenge. 

And I still have 2 weeks left!

Emotionally, spiritually and socially, (ways that can't be tangibly measured or photographed) I am so much stronger, happier and "on-top" of myself, and in turn, feel much more in tune with my Heavenly Father, and my own immediate family.  It's hard to put into words -- even for someone who can't stop talking (and typing) like me.

I'm down nearly 8 pounds.  Pounds I have been trying to lose since I turned 50 and the aging thing hit hard, on top of never losing the last 7 pounds from my youngest child. They might not seem important (or even noticeable) to anyone else, but my energy is way up, and my smaller slacks are too baggy to wear!  The #1 skinny jeans now fit -- not comfortably enough for long-term wear, but they do, indeed fit.  And I'm going through old things and saying GOOD-BYE.  I have no intention of changing too much, other than living the Word of Wisdom more closely and with more joy as I progress.

I had an amazing conversation last night with Jane Birch, the author of Discovering the Word of Wisdom (her website is and having a great time preparing my Meridian article for next Monday ...

I'm laughing, remembering that old TV show "Father Knows Best" ... well, Heavenly Father is REALLY the one who knows best, what our bodies need.

And I'll be forever grateful to the Body For Life and Michael Phillips for kickstarting the weight training that has become so "just right" for me.

The only regret (besides the days that I was not able for one reason or another to do better on the program) is that I did not take regular photos of my lilac bush after the post on it 6 weeks ago.  It would have been such a cool time-lapse comparison.  It is just barely-barely starting to pop out a few blossoms, and will, as ususal be at its peak for my birthday on May 15, when my challenge ends.

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