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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

12-Week Challenge DAYS 76-77

One week to go.  60 years old NEXT THURSDAY.

We are now reading "Discovering The Word of Wisdom" by Jane Birch outloud. If someone had told me that a book like this would be fascinating to both of us (as well as entertaining -- she's got the cutest sense of humor) I would have laughed and disagreed.

Furthermore,  if someone, one year ago, had told me that for my 60th birthday I would have kicked sugar out of my life, lost the 7-8 pounds that have plagued me for at least 10 years, be able to let a chocolate chip cookie pie sit in the refrigerator for days without touching it .... and have tossed out the small slacks in the back of my closet out because they are too big, I would have laughed and walked away, and felt sad that it wasn't true.

But it's true.  I will be forever grateful for the past 7-8 months and look forward with even more anticipation to further weight lifting, and increasing the weights for my workouts, and evolving from the B4L eating plan to more fully following a whole food plant based diet.

We've got both veggie steamers rocking every night, and Bob is on board as much or even more than me, as his cholesterol, though not terrible, is a concern for him.  He's always liked veggies, and beans, and not been much of a meat eater, so much of this is not altogether a big change.  I don't think this would have been as easy or as possible if we had teenagers at home.

His birthday is 2 days after mine.  Two of our children have birthdays within the same week.  There have ALWAYS been so many treats, and cake, and donuts, and candy, and chocolate over that week.  This year ... what I want is to go to the Temple and then to a vegetarian restaurant.

But will we have cake? Ice cream?  Some chocolate? Won't it feel like something's really missing if we don't?  It did at Christmas.  So I ate some candy. A little every day for about a week. But it wasn't as tasty or as satisfying as I expected or wanted it to be.

So I don't know.  I don't have the answer tonight.  It seems like you should have SOMETHING more than fresh fruit on your 60th birthday.

I'm not going to stay up figuring it out or deciding.

What I do know is that the oranges this spring have been incredibly delicious.   That I'm perfectly content with what we've been eating.  That I love how B4L has taught me how to eat ever 2-3 hours.  And that my heart and mind are more in tune with my Heavenly Father and the needs of my husband and children since starting.

This morning I wrapped up and sent darling pearl bracelets to my 2 daughters and my 2 daughters in law for Mothers Day.  It's Year 2 of my "All the Allen girls are pearls of great, great price" tradition, and that was the highlight of my day!  So cute in their pink wrapping paper with the gingham ribbon and daisy flower on the top.  Love, love, love my girls and their little ones.  I will do whatever it takes to spend as much time with them as possible, for as many years as the Lord will give me.  How thankful I am for eternal families, and the opportunity to establish a little bit of heaven here on earth :0)

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