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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

12-Week Challenge DAYS 79-82

My goodness, where do the days go?  I think about my blog posts constantly, but before it's all written down, another day has slipped by.

What has NOT slipped by is not only my intent, but the results of my intents.  Kind of hit a plateau on the scale, but can tell a great deal in my clothing.  It's all such a relief that I wont' be going through the rest of my life with these pounds.  I'm determined to make it a solid 10-12, no matter how long it takes.  I have not been as consistent with the Youthin, and that may be a reason I have plateaued.

Last Friday, I got to my cash register at work and a very large Hershey Bar was sitting there.  I looked at it, and someone said it was from the office as an appreciation gift.  With no thought at all, I threw it in my drawer and forgot about it .... when it was there on Monday, I remembered and unemotionally reflected to myself, "this has no more meaning to me than the fancy gourmet coffee packets that are at a hotel room. I don't drink coffee.  I don't eat candy bars."  I'm sure the candy bar is sitting there.  Hmmm.

Well, our conversation are non-stop on the Whole Food Plant Based diet, as presented in Discovering The Word of Wisdom.  In my mind I'm busy formatting another 12-week challenge for myself, and hoping to develop a plan to invite Meridian Readers along ... JUST TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS living that way for 12 weeks over the summer, when fresh fruit and veggies are extra-plentiful.

The Mothers Day Shout Out is over on the website.  A lot of fun, and very sweet. Also way more time consuming than I had thought, to format the photos, e-mails, banners, webpages, etc. But worth it to share something, and to get more familiar with Facebook, as I know that it's an important part of reaching out.

On Saturday, Bob took me shopping or both Mothers Day and my birthday.  What FUN to buy a very cute pair of much smaller sized jeans, and a darling dress that looks cute now but will be cuter in a couple of months with more workouts.

Best of all was the e-mail from my daughter who, after seeing the family Mothers Day photos my daughter-in-law had taken, wrote:  "You look fantastic!  It really shows!" So that was fun, and
so is life.

Day after tomorrow ends this challenge for me --60 Years OLD!   Gotta finish up the survey to send to all my darling fellow challengers!  It's been fun to know I'm not alone.

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